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Ability spec of the new blog...

Commits made so far...wow I've been on a coding marathon eh?

Here's the output of the ability spec

  as visitor
    can sign-in via omniauth and view failure notice
    can only view posts which are published
    cannot even create comments
    can view the 'not_found' page
    cannot ban users
  as normal user
    can logout
    can only view posts which are published
    can create comments and update/destroy within 15 minutes if he owns them
  as banned user
    cannot create or update comments
  as admin
    can list, update and destroy any comments
    can view posts which are not yet published
    can ban users
    cannot ban admins or super_users
  as super_admin
    can access all

Finished in 2249.11 seconds
14 examples, 0 failures

Ignore the duration taken as the drb server inflates this to a ridiculous duration.