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Avoiding the Arduino Portenta H7 "Orange LED of Hell" with STM32CubeIDE

Whilst working on the earlier UART code with the Portenta H7, I wanted to ensure I was running the correct SMT32 power config, and decided to generate the config and run this on my Portenta H7.
Unfortunately, the STM32CubeIDE tools flash into memory 0x08000000 instead of 0x08040000, the significance here is that the bootloader resides between these two addresses. When the bootloader is effectively wiped from the H7, its Power Management controller IC (PMIC) is no longer correctly configured at cold-start, and this renders your board as DOA with the "Orange LED from Hell".
Before I started out on the Portenta H7 though, the first board I bought for this recent Embassy work was the GIGA R1 Wifi from Arduino.  Interestingly enough, this is flashed at 0x08000000 and the Mbed bootloader is flashed into this address.
It doesn't have a fancy PMIC, so I can easily flash my bare-metal Embassy code also into 0x08000000 and the board just works. However, I did have a dodgy unit and that got RMA'd.
I need to use my newly generated power config though and verify if my two GIGA R1 boards are working correctly, and will investigate this a bit further.
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