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Feedback from a Happy Student...!

I recently ran a series of classes on TDD/BDD including JS testing with Selenium/Capybara and I received the following feedback from Ahmad,

"On Rails, I've never got a chance to learn it properly - with a class and trainer. However, because a lot of stuff is intuitive and quiet straight forward, and the online tutorials, books, and blogposts are in abundance; they can pretty much answers a lot of my questions.

But, one topic which many shy away from is Rails Testing. Good testing methodologies. How to create good tests. All of these topics need experience if you want to learn it. So, that's where personal, 1-1 training is good. It gives real world examples and experience, instead of just theoretical parts.

Highly recommend Michael's classes!"

-- Ahmad Saifuddin Ahmad Fakhri, Lead Applications Developer at Brainstorm Technologies, Selangor, Malaysia