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Flourished Writing with My 75th Anniversary Montblanc 149

I've recently been inspired by a lady named Leigh, especially her amazing blog (http://www.leighreyes.com/) and her appreciation of all sorts of fountain pens, especially urushi-lacquered beauties from the land of the rising sun!

Since I'm patiently waiting for Nakaya to complete making my Aka-tamenuri by hand, I've been practicing a form of flourished writing based on a script I've seen Leigh practice throughout her blog — I really should ask her what it's called!

I've gone with Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji ink and this is my newly acquired Montblanc 75th Anniversary 149 in Rose Gold as a Limited Edition of 1,924 pieces worldwide featuring an O3B Signature nib tuned by mikeitwork.

Enjoy the snaps!