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From Rails to Fulltime eCommerce Development on Solidus, a Spree fork

For the past 2-years, I've been working as a Senior Rails Developer for an award winning Digital agency based in the UK, and have had the pleasure of making an impact on global brands such as Autoglym UK.

During the last year I've dabbled in various languages from Swift, to Elixir, and even a little bit of Rust, but I think I've made the most advances in building and maintaining app stacks with Ansible, futhering my "DevOps" skills.

However, there comes a time when one must move on to bigger and better things. Thanks to a particular Ruby Hero, he put me in touch with a fantastic group of talented developers working on a fork of Spree, called Solidus. I have a sneaky feeling there's a reference to 'Solius Snake' somewhere.

Well, I'll be working fulltime on Solidus pretty soon, and am absolutely excited.