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How to Setup Citrix XenServer 7 to enable Auto-Start Virtual Machines

First enauble auto-start on the pool

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe pool-list
uuid ( RO)                : f80d49bb-2b56-4255-25bf-ff287f4865b1
          name-label ( RW):
    name-description ( RW):
              master ( RO): 1b41d284-4353-414d-8a5d-6d8974b2cf94
          default-SR ( RW): fb46ee13-a1c3-646f-1db6-bdcf86d29580

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe pool-param-set uuid=f80d49bb-2b56-4255-25bf-ff287f4865b1 other-config:auto_poweron=true

Then, select the particular VM you want to auto-start and specify its UUID. In this case, we are getting the docker0 VM to autostart.

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe vm-list
uuid ( RO)           : 0c9a4c24-07df-494b-805d-464da4a45af8
     name-label ( RW): ansible-tower
    power-state ( RO): halted

uuid ( RO)           : 17fc6df5-8f43-6cc6-69f9-08a9246d8634
     name-label ( RW): docker0
    power-state ( RO): running

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe vm-param-set uuid=17fc6df5-8f43-6cc6-69f9-08a9246d8634 other-config:auto_poweron=true