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Improved Productivity with vim-sparkup, zencoding-vim, argokai, and vim-signify

Here are some curated enhancements to boost your vim productivity


This is just one really sexeh theme for vim; grab it here.


Sy shows all added, deleted and modified lines since the last commit via Vim its sign column. It supports several version control systems.

Grab it here.

the_silver_searcher > Ack

A much faster alternative to ack; install it via homebrew. Grab it here. You'll also find there's a vim replacement for ack and you can grab the plugin here.

Vim Config

Checkout my dotfiles for my vim config and you'll also find that I maintain my vim plugins as well. At the moment the above files have been organised to work with carlhuda's JANUS vim distribution, although I'm in the process of moving over to a completely custom vim config, based on the good parts of JANUS.