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Looking to the Future

Some may wonder as to the drastic drop in blog posts over the past couple months but it's due to my being far more engaged with both work, family, and life in general.

I've been able to take time out from my work as a Consultant and spent a glorious get away at Peace Haven Anantara in Tangalle, Sri Lanka (second time around) availing all the delights of both private butler service and our very own private villa and plunge pool as well as spending around 3-nights at the newly opened Shangri-La resort in Hambantota, as well as catching up with family visiting us from Switzerland.

This time has allowed me to reflect on my past achievements, strengths and weaknesses, areas for improvement and generally where I want to take my career over the next 10 years. It's similar to how in most interviews, you get tossed that eventual question of "Where do you see yourself in the next 10-years?" — well that is what I've been asking myself as well.

My work with global brands such as Autoglym, Raden, Whitespace Central and other clients has lead me to look to move into a more managerial role where I oversee operations for clients.

Having returned from my vacations, I am now doing exactly this for clients from the UK and other parts of the globe.

Whilst this work continues, I've also been looking to bridge my interests in cloud computing, linux, embedded systems and platforms such as Arduino (ATmel/ATMEGA) and Raspberry Pi.

To this end, I am currently engaged in bootstrapping and launching a new company called 'CryptedIoT' and I look forward to blogging about this in the future.