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Reaching Half a Million Views on YouTube

It has been 9 years since I started actively pursuing my interest in watches. During this time, I have dedicated photographs to watches that were once part of the collection, and later parted with — as well as pieces currently in my small stable.

My first attempt at a watch review was when I got my third Rolex, a two-tone yellow gold and steel GMT-II with Ceramic bezel. At the time, it really was quite special, considering that it had the newer CNC'd bracelet where all the links, steel & gold (18k), were solid instead of hollow like the older stamped bracelet, movement improvements, and much more. These 'improvements' continue in current production Rolexes, and some of these are impervious to the untrained eye or non-WIS (Watch Idiot Savant).

I recall, that first review taking off, and some of the responses I got, turned into emails with new buyers, to veteran collectors as well as making friends and meeting some fantastic people.

Back then I lived in London, whilst I was attending Kings College, and I fondly recall Sundays where I'd scamper down to piccadilly for breakfast at Richoux, located a stone's throw from the Ritz. It was only a short walk to St. James' Square to the Rolex Centre as well.

Having gone through a couple Rolexes, and having met a few collectors, I had already decided on what I was looking out for next. Time passed and the last Rolex I wore was a 36 mm two-tone rose gold and steel Datejust, with a pink gold dial with brilliants, smooth bezel, and oyster bracelet; this became my 'only' watch for a time, and I wore it for 5-years.

In 2010, my work took me to another part of the world, one that I had never had plans of ever visiting. During my first night there, I took a stroll through the arcade attached to the hotel and the first boutique I walked into was that of Audemars Piguet. Fast forward to 2012 by which time my collection had two Royal Oaks (same model, one in steel with black dial on bracelet and the other in 18k Rose Gold, silver dial, leather strap and 18k deployant).

This is when I decided to continue with my YouTube watch reviews, and now in 2015 my channel has grown to 650+ subscribers, and closing in on nearly half a million views. While this isn't much in the world of YouTube, I'm glad to have been able to share my passion with others and hope to make a few more interesting videos down the road.

Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bsodmike