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Rolling out the new blog, a Digital Ocean droplet

The DNS switch didnt take long, which is managed off my Linode.

Now to continue with app improvements and blog about the shiny new Docker and Ansible stack I've built!

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                             COMMAND                CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                NAMES
89edf5587c86        app/mwdesilva-production:latest   "/bin/sh -c /home/mw   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>80/tcp   app-mwdesilva-production

root@apphost1:~# docker images
REPOSITORY                         TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED              VIRTUAL SIZE
app/mwdesilva-production           latest              464880a40a69        About a minute ago   1.067 GB
inertialbox/mwdesilva-production   latest              44ac425cd1fa        20 hours ago         888.5 MB
inertialbox/vivid-base             latest              ad9748b6c5f6        2 weeks ago          835.9 MB
ubuntu                             vivid               bd94ae587483        4 weeks ago          131.3 MB