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This is the ESP32 Thing Plus C "Extended" Prototype

Taking inspiration from SparkFun's SparkX creation, the Thing Plus C - ESP32 WROOM, this is an "Extended" version. Here's a quick summary of the improvements I have made:
- Honeywell HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensor (HIH6130) / (Datasheet)
- Microchip ATECC608A (SOIC8) / (Datasheet)
- Microchip ATECC508A (UDFN) / (Datasheet)
- Onboard breakout for the Thermocouple IC MAX31855K /  (Reference design)
- Bi-Directional I2C Logic level-shifted connectivity, based on the BSS138 / (Reference Design)
- 12VDC charger circuit, which also ties into the existing 3.3VDC loop to power the ESP32 and also charge any connected LiPO.
- Onboard 5VDC regulator tied to the 12VDC supply; this is broken out to allow powering anything else that may need a 5VDC line.