This Rails blog gets a complete overhaul

Monoliths are back in vogue.

It all started on 29th October 2011 when I created my first "TODO" app equivalent of the ubiquitous "Hello World" that many of us programmers are familiar with.
Its domain modal was a simple case of User and Post.  That's it.  And Rails 3.1.1.  Back then I wanted a workflow that was primarily markdown driven and Zurb Foundation was my go to frontend of choice, mainly for its grid system etc.  Twitter bootstrap was well, starting to become rather common and I wanted to go with something different.
Much of its later years were spent on integrating a 'Newsletter' style module integrating Mailchimp and OmniAuth for user login.  My User's table started to acquire a few users along the way, although I've purged all of that along with this new reboot.

...and we thought microservices were a good thing, right?< ...(continued)

This is the ESP32 Thing Plus C "Extended" Prototype

Taking inspiration from SparkFun's SparkX creation, the Thing Plus C - ESP32 WROOM, this is an "Extended" version. Here's a quick summary of the improvements I have made:
- Honeywell HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensor (HIH6130) / (Datasheet)
- Microchip ATECC608A (SOIC8) / (Datasheet)
- Microchip ATECC508A (UDFN) / (Datasheet)
- Onboard breakout for the Thermocouple IC <a href=" ...(continued)

2019 Homelab: Network Rebuild

Homelab: Network Infrastructure

This covers a "rebuild" of an existing network, which previously occupied a single sub-net. This is coupled with 10G hardware from Ubiquity and a pfSense router to provide advanced capabilities to various VLANs.

pfSense: Interfaces & VLANs

The following were configured inside pfSense which acts as the primary router/firewall designated pfsense-master.

Hardware & Interfaces

  • Intel 6700K CPU
  • Asus Z170 Prime-A mainboard
    • em0
  • Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter - 2 Port Network Card - Intel i350 NIC - GbE Network Card (ST2000SPEXI) (Amazon)
    • igb0
    • igb1
  • Intel X550-T2 10G NIC
    • ix0
    • ix1


Physical LAN:

  • WAN em0 // 1G NIC on mainboard
  • LAN ix0 //
  • UniFi //
    • UniFi Cloud Key //
  • LAN2 igb1 // -- This is purely a convenience 'console' port for tro ...(continued)

Quickly Get to Grips with React, Redux, and Rematch

Here are a couple videos to help you get started with the basic building blocks on working with React and Redux, without the barrier of TypeScript.

React & Redux

Watch episodes:


Picking up Rematch is pretty easy with the additional content linked.

How to Setup Citrix XenServer 7 to enable Auto-Start Virtual Machines

First enauble auto-start on the pool

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe pool-list
uuid ( RO)                : f80d49bb-2b56-4255-25bf-ff287f4865b1
          name-label ( RW):
    name-description ( RW):
              master ( RO): 1b41d284-4353-414d-8a5d-6d8974b2cf94
          default-SR ( RW): fb46ee13-a1c3-646f-1db6-bdcf86d29580

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe pool-param-set uuid=f80d49bb-2b56-4255-25bf-ff287f4865b1 other-config:auto_poweron=true

Then, select the particular VM you want to auto-start and specify its UUID. In this case, we are getting the docker0 VM to autostart.

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe vm-list
uuid ( RO)           : 0c9a4c24-07df-494b-805d-464da4a45af8
     name-label ( RW): ansible-tower
    power-state ( RO): halted

uuid ( RO)           : 17fc6df5-8f43-6cc6-69f9-08a9246d8634
     name-label ( RW): docker0
    power-state ( RO): running

[root@xenserver-master ~]# xe vm-param-set uuid=17fc6df5-8f43-6cc6 ...(continued)

HOWTO Ubiquity EdgeMAX Ad Blocking Content Filtering using EdgeRouter

This is based on a guide on the Ubnt forums.

Log into your Edgerouter and run the following - sudo -i && vi /config/user-data/ This will switch you to the root user and open up vi.


#The IP address below should point to the IP of your router or to

curl -s $ad_list_url | sed "s/127\.0\.0\.1/$pixelserv_ip/" > $temp_ad_file

if [ -f "$temp_ad_file" ]
        #sed -i -e '/www\.favoritesite\.com/d' $temp_ad_file
        mv $temp_ad_file $ad_file
        echo "Error building the ad list, please try again."

/etc/init.d/dnsmasq force-reload
sudo -i
chmod a+x /config/user-data/up ...(continued)

How to Secure Your Raspberry Pi with Wifi in 15 minutes

It's best to start off by installing Raspbian onto your Raspberry Pi — which can be accomplished a couple ways. You can install it with NOOBS or download the image and follow the installation guide.

If you download the image directly, it's a simple matter of using Etcher or using dd in Linux/Mac to burn the image to an SD card.

Getting Started

Start off by running the configurator with raspi-config.

Let's start by running some updates and installing some handy tools — these are some of my favourites and I can't do without them -

apt-get update -y && apt-get install -y \
  curl \
  wget \
  git \
  vim \
  htop \
  tmux \
  unzip \
  libssl-dev \
  libffi-dev \
  python \
  python-dev \
  python-pip \
  python3-dev \ ...(continued)

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